DJI launches its range of insurance services DJI Care

The specialist in Chinese drone DJI presented its new DJI Care service and although apparently it may appear expensive at first glance, it will cover the repairs of the drone of the user. Included are the following situations: accident, pilot error or interference problem. Excluded are problems on consumable accessories (screws, batteries, remote control, etc.) or damage caused by water.
DJI Care: a range of comprehensive insurance

DJI Care offers a range of insurance whose prices vary depending on the duration of insurance and the drone of the model to ensure. For example, for 109 euros it will be possible to provide a six-month DJI Phantom 3 Standard or 159 euros a year. This price can go up to 749 euros for a year on a drone Inspire 1. The reason for this significant difference is that the former only costs 600 euros to buy, while the second is about 3000 euros.

DJI wished to explain that the amount of compensation may not exceed the amount of the drone, and that the reimbursement rate will be decreasing in progressively, to avoid the crafty say they will spit them voluntarily drone in the last days of the contract to get a new one.

For those interested DJI Care, this service is already available in the US and Europe. It will be possible to subscribe either when buying a drone brand, or separately for those who already have a drone. The best is yet to take a turn on the official website of DJI.

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