GoPro pushes six months the release of its drone

Karma drone GoPro was planned for the first half 2016, ultimately will not update immediately, it will take another six months.

GoPro announced it would launch its drone Karma during the first half of the year, but it will now until the end of the year to make the purchase. Bad news for those awaiting his arrival eagerly, good for those who had no gift idea for Christmas.

Karma drone eventually will land this winter

The AR.Drone GoPro was boarding a camera to obtain professional-quality images with the brand cameras. Karma drone will be placed against competitors in drone DJI or at Parrot. This will require patience to enjoy.

The brand that wants to develop its growth and not be overtaken by the competition in the field of cameras, seeking to change its strategy by offering new products, such as drones, for example, or more recently the cameras 360 degrees. It seems however that the company’s health is not in good shape, especially as the Hero 4 session has not seen sales take off and the price was even halved since its launch to try to sell stocks.

In addition, this six-month delay to the launch of the Karma drone could also result from poor company results published recently, where the group accused of major losses. Anyway we look forward to learn more about this drone and we will share in this winter.

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