Xiaomi will launch a drone

The Chinese giant Xiaomi is already present in several markets seems about to make a break into the drones. Three signs that this arrival is very soon.
Many indications that Xiaomi will launch a drone

Of the three clues that suggest the imminent launch of a drone Xiaomi on the market, two are voluntary and the other involuntary. It seems that this May 25 Xiaomi unveiled its first drone is that seems to suggest a message posted on the site’s forum Xiaomi when the moderator said: “Something wonderful and cool will fly to us very soon,” commenting a drone silhouette image with a ball-shaped camera overcome the date of 25 May 2016 to 19 hours.

The second index is a photo that Xiaomi account posted on the website Weibo in China, which speaks of a toy with a rotor image, which might suggest the launch of a drone.

The third index is even more concrete since it is not speculation, but an error of the brand that has released on the App Store an application to take control of a drone before being quickly removed. So it seems that all indices and their proximity in time show that Xiaomi rule the last details before a launch in a few days. As rightly emphasizes the newspaper Le Parisien: “The new gadget Xiaomi has a spherical camera which is not unlike that of Typhoon H Yuneec”

As soon as we know more on this to come, we will let you know as the mystery remains total, the firm has not even leaked a price range. Some sites still evoke a camera capable of shooting 4K UHD. A recent rumor for now unaudited also would report possible drone takeover through MiBand bracelet brand. A monitor …

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