Parrot he will enter the drones racing universe?

Parrot could indeed target the market for drones racing because for several months information out here and there in the specialized sites. Parrot was notably present at the World Drone Price Dubai there some time, even if the company could not reach the stage of qualifying. The specialist drones would also have a stable of devices provided for drones races called by the company “Parrot Racing” and especially the company has developed a racing model called Bebop drone R1.
Parrot could become an actor drone racing in the future
Everything seems to indicate that the account specialist drones penetrate this universe, which will be not only a marketing springboard to highlight the brand, but also a great way to demonstrate its technological expertise and capabilities of its devices.

According exclusive info Site, this choice remains for the moment very discreet and Parrot not be in its infancy. To date, the company would not have personally designed the famous R1 Bebop, but has entrusted this task to the company Nano Racing. In addition, the team does not dispose yet of a single driver. The basics are however asked and Parrot could compete in major races in the months or years ahead.

The drone manufacturer probably takes its time hoping that the drones racing universe is more mature and that other leaders also make this choice in order to attract more sponsors, drivers and media around these events sports. Parrot is hoped that this will be the next big races, such as the Drone Racing League Los Angeles or Hawaii Drone Worlds. Stay tuned…

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