The drones will help collect garbage in the future

The project is conducted by the manufacturer Volvo, Renova and students from several universities. The Volvo ROAR is a garbage truck of a new kind, which should be able to spend garbage in the future. To achieve this feat, the truck will be assisted by a robot to lift the bins and a drone will be responsible for all fly to visualize the environment and location of the upstream garbage.

The drone that team this Volvo ROAR is a Parrot AR Drone and is positioned on top of the garbage truck does not operate. This drone will be responsible for mapping the environment and locate the trash, to transmit this information to the robot designed to raise dumpsters.

The device has taken very seriously the issue of security, which is why we find several cameras and a radar LIDAR. This way, if a pedestrian or a vehicle gets too close, the operation is on hold. Currently there is only a prototype, but the study is very serious, so it is not impossible that we can one day fully automated garbage trucks, without drivers, with the only driver: a drone … It will, however, that loading times, unloading the trash faster, because as we note in the video, this operation is relatively slow compared to the capabilities of a human in this area.

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