DHL unveils strategy for delivery via drones

This time, it is precisely DHL out of the shadow in this area, by unveiling its drone project delivery. Its drone goes beyond the usual level design because it is a mix between a plane and a helicopter. The latter is capable of carrying a payload of 2 kg over several kilometers away, without elaborating on the maximum distance.

The drone of DHL, Deutsche Post presented by its subsidiary had to make an experimental flight to the press, in a difficult environment in the Bavarian Alps, but weather conditions were right for this test, which was rejected. The peculiarity of this UAV is that it has a tilting wing carrying the engine. This offers the possibility of takeoffs and vertical landings.


Another feature not least, DHL may have found the way to go wineskins legislative issues that come up against its competitors, namely overflights of urban spaces, to deliver packages. DHL is part in another direction she wants to use drones to deliver deposit areas close to urban areas. The packages would be placed in boxes and only the client would have a digital key to come and collect the parcel near his home or place of work.

In making this choice, DHL will also avoid the design of sophisticated intelligent drones to grasp unfamiliar environments, ever changing in an urban environment. In this case, it would be flight plan, on “air routes” established. To learn more, it will wait to enjoy the next flight test, hoping that this time the weather will be kinder!

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