Drones also make great servers in bars

Another unusual application of drones in the daily, which could create themed bars and put some servers in the street. A team of students coming to conceptualize the server drone.

Imagine a bar where you do your order to a drone, which have repercussions orders to the bartender and then instantly bring you back your glass. Amazing is not it? This is a concept created by a team of twenty students from the University of Technology Eindhoven, and as we can see from the video, they were able to develop an ingenious system .

The Blue Jay drone is able to take an order and make the service

The servers will perhaps one day be replaced by drones, if they start doing the room service. A bar experimenting this technology seems to be the point.

The drone same server already has a name, it was called Blue Jay. It looks like a large donut’s steering wheel with a pair of eyes. The latter moves in the room to take orders and bring these to their recipients.

The team of Blue Jay project told that the cost of this drone server was around 2000 euros, mainly because of numerous sensors to facilitate movement of the drone in a confined and crowded place in the world.

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