Drones can now wear the hat of rescuers

The drones participating in different types of rescue missions, will be dressed in colors of Australian lifeguards, yellow and red! The use of drones should have significant benefits in daily tasks, it will be possible for example to use them to monitor the presence or absence of sharks on the coast, they will expand offshore research areas and even save lives .

Drones will participate in sea rescues

The drone in question weighs about 25 kilos, it will carry an inflatable system capable of keeping afloat until three, so wait for help to arrive or when the number of victims is higher than the discharge capacity relief. Eddie Bennet, CEO of the company that developed the drone “Little Ripper Lifesaver” explained: “There is something that automatically inflates and two or three people can get hooked, it’s strong enough. There is an electronic device that repels sharks and a high intensity light source and a light distress. So there is all that is necessary to assist you until someone come and rescue you. I think we can here provide a great product because we have the technology, we have the know-how and we support. ”

Another person to have expressed his enthusiasm about the development of a rescue drone Tony Haven, nothing less than the president of Surf Lifesaving New South Wales who said: “If it works it would be great to help locate us sharks but also to help the swimmers and sailors in distress. The potential is enormous. ” It will now wait a few weeks for the first returns of the teams that will work with this kind of tool, to get the first statistics and remarks rescuers on the usefulness of this technology.

Some have raised the possibility of UAV away coastal and generalize their use in the country. Australia is a huge and some areas like Bush country are quite impassable, making it sometimes difficult to research missing persons. Drones could therefore help relief also for this type of mission.

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