Eclipse 6NV : Dronavia présente le premier drone phosphorescent !

The answer to this question is found in the latest specialist’s Dronavia drone manufacturing. The drone Eclipse 6NV is indeed a drone capable of reproducing some of its energy in the form of fluorescent light.

Eclipse 6NV, a drone who is the night

The special feature of Eclipse 6NV drone is its ability to return light by photoluminescence. Basically, the drone is fluorescent night! Some say it is simply a gimmick, but actually as stressed Ludovic Pelletey, President Dronavia, the company that developed the drone 6NV Eclipse “This is talking with some donors order both private and public that we made emerge this dark environment inspection issues and the need to visualize the position and orientation of the drone. This is how the idea came to me to use a strong luminescence material to make our aircraft visible when it is almost dark in the area to be inspected. ”

Anyone who has flown drones night and worse in very dark and narrow environments like warehouses, silos, tunnels or tubes, knows how difficult it is to fly the craft without the risk of damage or the crash. The concern is to be able to light the environment, but it involves significant energy use to power the LED, reducing accordingly the drone autonomy to perform its work. The drone of Dronavia 6NV Eclipse is a real answer to this problem in the workplace.

Dronavia will have the opportunity to unveil its drone Eclipse 6NV at Paris Air Show 2015, since the company will be present at this event at Hall 2B.

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