In Switzerland, postal test delivery drones

For now, widespread use is not yet envisaged. But the project seems on track.

Like Amazon and DHL, Swiss Post is interested in delivery drones. And this summer, she began testing it had announced it a few months ago. These take place this July.

For now, there is no question of a widespread use of these new technologies. If the organization recognizes that some issues, both technical and regulatory, need to be clarified before any commercial use of drones is really an option, it could rely on the use of these flying machines in emergency situations or cases rather special. For example to supply remote areas after a storm or to deliver very urgent parcels.

The drone will be used during the testing Swiss Post will be able to fly a distance of 10 km while carrying a load of one kilogram. It will fly autonomously.

Below, you have some pictures of the flying machine in question, the Matternet ONE. Several units will be tested.


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