Squadrone System: Grenoble startup that attacks the Silicon Valley

The start-up System Squadrone behind the drone Hexo + left to conquer the US market. She took advantage of the program Ubi i / o Business designed by France to go to Silicon Valley and highlight its innovations.

Drone: a French start-up that sets out to conquer the American market

The Squadrone System manufacturer joined the team part of entrepreneurs for 10 weeks on site at the heart of high-tech mecca. As pointed Medhi Mugnier, 24, one of the four founders of the start-up: “If you’re not there, we do not hear you. Because the whole world listening Silicon Valley. That’s why we’re here. ” The question one may ask is, why try to tackle the US market, before conquering the French market?

Medhi Mugnier, explained that the explanation lies in the same launch Hexo + drone. Remember, Squadrone System had sought funds on Kickstarter crowdfunding platform and was able to raise € 1.3 million. The latter states: “We immediately had an ambition in the United States. Especially since 70% of people who have contributed to our kickstater are American. ”

The Hexo + was then the first drone without remote control, with camera work from a smartphone. The start-up Grenoble Squadrone System is persuaded to do its nest across the Atlantic and says: “Much has changed here including our product positioning and visibility. We also learned of other start-up and met hundreds of investors. Here, if they believe in the product, they can put high tickets. ” The company has therefore set up a cluster of 4 people on site in San Francisco this summer to begin the onsite marketing because competition is already behind and new drones would love to outdo the French ones!

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