SwellPro developing an amphibious UAV Drone Splash

If you’re the type to take aerial videos beachfront, one of your obsessions to be your drone ends in water. This period may be over, because SwellPro company is developing an amphibious UAV Drone Splash.

With a name like Splash drone, one can easily imagine that the water does not scare this sealed drone and a dip in the water will not have any adverse consequences on the latter. Initially this drone was scheduled to perform the rescue, by dropping a buoy for example.

Splash Drone: a first sealed drone for individuals

SwellPro quickly realized that this technology could find applications in the field of recreational drones. Side specifications, the Splash drone is capable of flying at all times and in all weather conditions. It features a brushless motor 590 kV and a delivery system that can carry a GoPro camera type.


This drone is extremely resistant to falls, naturally waterproof and can easily withstand wind gusts of 45 km / h. The Splash drone by its unique design allows for photos or aerial videos and underwater by using waterproof case for GoPro camera. Regarding the auto version of the more expensive, it has smart features to program autonomous flights by example or more features like Follow Me modes (to track the owner remotely), Circle Flight (for circular flight around a point) and Auto Way Point (to define multiple points on a route).

The Splash Drone is already marketed in France for pre-order on Helesel US distributor site at 1499 costs Euros for version SaR (Search and Rescue), on the version Auto, it will spend a little more, ie 1799 Euros.

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